DAKIA Capital


We have a strong presence and focus in Latin America with one  of our primary goals to help state and local government agencies raise capital to build and maintain essential infrastructure in the communities they serve. From some of the nation’s largest public states, cities and counties to rural school districts and small towns and nearly everything in between, our municipal banking and underwriting groups work with public agencies to develop and implement financing strategies that allow them to operate and optimize the important work they do.

In order to create a stronger economy and job growth, we help provide capital for franchises, hotels, and retail centers through a combination of debt and mezzanine structures that allow businesses to grow.



Our funds cover an array of verticals from energy, infrastructure, development, agriculture and connectivity backbone across emerging markets. All our funds are set up to maximize social and environmental impact. In its core DNA the funds have all the ESG matrix to guarantee our investors that we are pushing the envelope to empower people.