DAKIA Entertainment


Together with the world-class team at Rocksports, Rockdome and Thought Pirates, we have harnessed the power of great minds, previously classified technology, and unwavering determination to create visceral experiences that move, excite, engage, and amaze you.

ROCKSPORTS is a biometric data sourcing system that is virtually undetectable by the user, which acquires an unprecedented scope and depth of metrics and processes them in real time. Originally developed by ROCKDOME Chief Technology Officer George Johnsen for Top Secret U.S. Navy Seals program “7731”


The Project Goal was to evaluate war fighters fitness for insertion into, and returning from, battlefield exercises by the sourcing of biometric data in real time: respiratory depth, respiratory rate, heart rate, galvanic skin response, muscular contraction and recovery speed, and other factors.

The technology provided feedback to monitor stress levels and minimize the chance of making an “uncalculated response” and getting wounded or  KIA (killed in action).


The Intellectual Property rights have been retained by ROCKDOME to deploy a demilitarized version of it for civilian purposes.


The ROCKDOME is a proprietary, highly immersive multi-use entertainment venue with patented exhibition technology presenting and capturing content in an unprecedented format to create larger-than-life concert experiences.


Projects in various stages of development are located across the globe, including North America, Asia, and Europe.


DAKIA is partnering with Copa Miami to bring what should prove to be the most important multi-experiential festival events ever, taking place in a one of a kind “pop up” stadium set on the water with downtown Miami as the backdrop.


Together with notable athletes and celebrities, including legendary Pele’, the event will include a three day entertainment spectacle, designed to create world-unity through the most popular game in the world.