DAKIA Holding


Dakia is partnering with racing legend Emerson Fitipaldi and some of the world’s foremost automotive engineers and designers, including Pininfarina, to bring Emerson’s dream to life.


More to come… 


DAKIA Holdings is about the creating businesses that fill a need, even if that need is for speed.  We transform imagination into reality by integrating design, technology, and science into products that move us.


From the first bio-jet fuel ever used by the military and commercial airlines, to vehicles designed by legends in racing and engineering.


One of DAKIA’S global missions is to help create a more sustainable world through the utilization of renewable energy sources.   Our inaugural project was to partner with Alt Air fuels to help fund and promote their plan to be the first provider of renewable bio-jet fuel.


Alt Air has gone on to provide the Navy with the fuel to power the first bio-fuel driven jet, in addition to providing millions of gallons of bio-jet fuel to United Airlines to help in their United  eco-skies initiative.